NuvolaPay for local authorities & active citizenship

e-money for local authorities

Local Authorities they can carry out socio-economic projects for territorial revitalization. A municipality can decide to start, support and benefit of a local network, that we always imagine promoted together with representative local forces.

Activities can have different levels; from sponsorship to facilitating the dissemination of the initiative or the provision of structures in direct contact with citizens. It can promote and participate in the use of tools that entitle you to discounts on future taxes, but also promote a system of Voucher (Definable Credits, o Coupons, the name doesn't matter) covered by funds in the budget as is the case for aid to disadvantaged families. The institution has software that it manages, very briefly:

  • Online application submission
  • Document processing and management
  • Merit ranking
  • Assignment and disbursement of shopping vouchers
  • Transactions between members and verification of expenditure
  • List of participating companies
  • Georeferencing
  • Requests for conversion into Euro
  • Assistance to members

The system is web based, easily manageable by the Municipality operators or by a party connected to it.

In downloadable pdf we give an indication of the operational possibilities, both for the management of Reimbursable shopping vouchers on request and for systems of Timed shopping vouchers, redeemable with different maturity dates. We also explain how it is possible to increase the amount of vouchers circulating thanks to involvement of local companies.

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