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From the small circuit to the large commercial network

NuvolaPay it is designed to operate both with small-sized companies and with large numbers of users and traffic. Developed in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL e PHP) it has great programming flexibility to satisfy the need for customization of the software and make its work routines more performing.

It is offered as a Saas platform (osftware as a service) in the two configurations described below in the main functions.

Features Area NuvolaPay Complete platform
Areas available A single area All necessary areas
Customization of Area's distinctive signs and For each Area, independently
Currency name customization and For each Area, independently
Area enabling for the use of 2 currencies and For each Area, independently
Enable Euro conversion area / currency and For each Area, independently
Enabling of Euro Exchange Boxes / currency and All necessary areas
Email communications to individual and aggregate members A single area To every Area
Connecting Areas and, optional And, independently
Current accounts and utilities until 2000 users Unlimited
System activity In collaboration with Sargo In autonomy of management

Offering an exhaustive description of the features and their cost is impossible on a descriptive website.

For this, in order to be able to indicate the cost of the two methods of using NuvolaPay we ask you to get in touch with us, without obligation, to analyze your needs and power, Consequently, show you our solutions and their costs.

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We are looking for simple solutions to the many problems of the working life of each of our customers. But the important thing is definitely “occur” in time of need.

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