NuvolaPay, rely on a team of professionals

NuvolaPay is developed by the Sargo cooperative company, born in June 2011 by the union of several professionals, in order to combine previous skills and experiences. The goal is to propose and develop organic and coordinated projects: focal point is the shared and sustainable management of primary services to businesses and citizens. To do this, we relate both to the Public Administration and to companies and individuals.

The software team works with the aim of offering updated services according to the new working philosophies in the field of information technology. The company uses, produces and promotes open technologies, quali open source e open standard. Our company designs, develops and supports business software systems and lend technical-organizational consultancy.

Our work method is set to clarity, simplicity projects and constant availability to make the software developed always suitable for customer needs. Our collaborators are professional experts, with a decades-long curriculum in various sectors, and thanks to the transfer of previous professional experiences, our systems are important elements present in companies that need customized software solutions since the early 90s.

Being able to boast customers who work with software solutions developed by Sargo members for almost 30 years is a source of pride and a signal for us to work well, without sparing, pay!

Why us and NuvolaPay

We ask for the right compensation for our work, which is somewhat cheaper than the market, and that costs us time, dedication and a lot of effort. We only do software, we don't have to pay managers, secretaries, employees, Business ...

We willingly transfer the knowledge and material necessary for them to become our customers, where possible, autonomous.

We always tend to choose mature technology and conservative choices to minimize the risks of our customers. As in many areas, even in software (especially in those for digital payments) the latest fashion innovation can easily be the least suitable and most harsh choice of damage to the customer himself.

Be it micro or mega enterprise, we always ask for a deposit, and the payment does not go beyond i 60 gg.

The opinion of our customers is important, but we are the professionals,and as said we are not inclined to follow fashions to please the customer

Our offers are clear, without hidden costs, without surprises for the customer. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each proposed solution, so that our customers can make an informed choice.

We want to make even the most complex concept understand to those who are not technicians: understanding what we do is important.

Communications (email, phone) clear and concise: why make our customers waste time?

Explain the customer's needs, we can find the best solution in the customization of NuvolaWeb with the right compromise between costs and benefits.

We work closely with the customer, who calls us and speaks directly with us. No tickets, telephone or other waiting.